Eat at Txikiteo... For Your Health

The list of healthiest countries is out, and this year, Spain leads the world as the country whose citizens enjoys the longest life spans. According to researchers, that’s largely attributable to their Mediterranean diet, one rich in olive oil, nuts, seafood, and plenty of vegetables—all super foods that play an important role in weight control and a vigorous immune system.

But there’s another aspect of the Spanish way of eating, one not related just to ingredients, that may be a key to the country’s overall health.

“A big part of the reason that the Spanish diet is counted among the world’s healthiest is due to their portion control, with tapas dishes being a common style of eating,” according to the study. “Being able to sample a range of different foods at one sitting seems rife for inadvertent gluttony; however, when not eaten in a rush, the small portions of tasty, healthful foods will make you feel satisfyingly full well within the calorific limits.”

In other words, the Txikiteo philosophy—lingering with friends over an unhurried meal and a sociable glass of wine—is good for your health.