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Join us at Txikiteo for not just a special day, but for a special weekend. No reservations, no unfulfilled expectations.

February 14th through the 16th, see Txikiteo expanded: easy and delicious with specialty boards, including an Ibérico board with fresh baked bread, select wines, and featured dishes for the entire weekend (why limit love to just one day?).

We'll have some special patio cooking from our own Dan Ansotegui featuring tender lamb, spitted and slow-roasted, served with saffron rice. RSVP and stay tuned for more updates on specials from our amazing chefs, bakers, and beverage co-ordinator.

Think you, your bestie, maybe their amuma (grandmother), a dessert board, and a bottle of bubbly; Have your roommate and their partner join you - soon you have a full table of people you care about sharing one of our signature charcuterie boards before moving onto the next celebration; all in the true spirit of 'txikiteo.'

For those whose hearts are open. Now that’s something to celebrate. ⧫

Some Weekend Feast Special Menu Updates!

16 - Iberico Jamon Board -

The exotic "Iberico Jamon" served on a special board with freshly baked bread.

25 - Lamb & Saffron Rice Dinner -

We'll be roasting leg of Lamb & cooking our own saffron rice, paella style, and doing it all outside. Join us or stay warm inside!


$60, $75, or $100 dollar options -
Txikiteo's signature combination board, a bottle of Red or White in each price range, and a dessert of choice! Stay tuned for the wine options!
Hours for celebrating :

Thurs : 7am - 10pm
Fri & Sat : 7am - 11pm

No reservations. No rules.
RSVP Here for updates!
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