Dan Ansotegui | Catering

Dan Ansotegui is Txikiteo’s catering director, responsible for coordinating all food and beverage catering activities for Txikiteo — off-site and at Txoko, the new event space in the Watercooler Building. A man who wears many hats, both figuratively and literally, Dan is just doing what comes naturally to him: connecting with people and providing true hospitality. “I see my role as manifesting what great service really is, delivering that, and making sure each customer has a fantastic experience with the Txikiteo brand.”

Dan got involved with Txikiteo by invitation. Owner Elizabeth Tullis knew that in Boise, no one gets restaurants—as business and as art form—like Dan. He brings decades of experience to the work, including as owner/operator of Boise favorites Bar Gernika and the Basque Market

If you’re sensing a theme here (hint: it’s Basque), you’re right. Dan is a proud Basque Boise native and has a not-so-secret life as an accomplished trikitixa player for several local bands. (It’s a kind of accordion; and yes, all their words are spelled that way.) Dan was recently recognized for his passion for the food and music of his culture by the National Endowment for the Arts, who have named him an NEA National Heritage Fellow—the highest honor in the country for folk and traditional artists.

“I love being involved in a restaurant that is on the cutting edge of creativity with food and beverage,” Dan says.

You’ve never heard anybody talk about food the way Dan talks about Jamón. It’s a delectable, dry-cured ham from Spain, and it’s his favorite food in the world.

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