Elizabeth Tullis | Owner

Owner Elizabeth Tullis is the animating force behind Txikiteo and its sister property, the Modern Hotel and Bar. An Idaho native, Elizabeth inherited the hospitality gene from her grandmother, Regina Echevarria, who opened the first Modern Hotel in Nampa at the height of the Great Depression. That Modern, a boarding house that catered to Basque immigrants, has given way to the cluster of properties located in the Linen District that includes the Modern Hotel, Txikiteo and its on-site event center, Txoko

Elizabeth envisions a hospitality that builds on and supports the community, whether that community is the neighborhood, the city, or visitors to Idaho. She is dedicated to providing locals and visitors alike with a quiet café morning, a memorable firepit evening, an artful festive  occasion, and the perfect night’s sleep. 

Elizabeth splits her time between Boise and Stanley, where she spent ten years managing the restaurant at Redfish Lake Lodge and raising her two sons, before focusing energy on her Modern projects. Although she loves Boise, her heart will always rest in the Sawtooth Mountains.

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