Stuart Mitton | Beverages

Beverage Director Stuart Mitton sees his role as creating an accessible, adventurous wine and beer program in line with the ideals of the restaurant, partnering with producers who are dedicated to making unique and interesting wines using the best possible methods. “Most of the wineries and farmers that we use practice sustainable/organic/biodynamic farming and are as minimalist as possible in the vinification process,” he says.

Along the way, he hopes to expand Boise’s palate. “I’m trying to create a connection between the person who made the wine and the person drinking it...even if there’s thousands of miles between us.” 

Stuart, who moved to Boise in his early teens, worked his way through Boise State as a server and bartender. He spent more than ten years at Chandlers Steakhouse, working as manager, maître d’, and finally wine director, building a career with wine as the focal point.  

Stuart came to Txikiteo already on board with its philosophy. “I was familiar with the Modern and its standards, intrigued by the possibility of making Txikiteo an extension of that. I love this place for the freedom I have to create the beverage program and provide the most exciting wine list in Idaho.”

When not crafting a creative, quality wine and beer list, Stuart spends time with his best friend, a fourteen-year-old beagle named Max. Stuart loves to explore Idaho in every season, recently with an eye to learning more about local flora and fauna.

If pressed, Stuart will admit to some wines that stand out in his memory. “The most insane wines I have ever had, as far as pedigree, would either be a 1994 DRC Echezeaux or a vertical of Chateaux Margaux from '82, '83, '86 (birthyear), and '89.” However, “The right wine or beer doesn't just pair with food; it pairs with people, setting, and experiences. I’ve had wines whose impact has been much more personal since they were in beautiful places with my closest friends. A $20 bottle of wine can be part of an experience you remember forever.”

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