Tifany King | Ops Manager

Operations Manager Tifany King literally grew up in a restaurant. Her father was a chef for thirty years at the country club in the town where she was raised in northern California. “The first art project I ever made was a paperweight for my dad that I painted with a chef’s hat on it,” she says. “My earliest memories are of running through the kitchen after a swim in the clubhouse pool, and him yelling at me for having bare feet in a commercial kitchen!”

Tifany came to the Treasure Valley for college. She has worked in Boise’s restaurant business for twenty years, including stints at Goldy’s and Richard’s. During that time, she bought a house in the North End, fell in love, and got married—and now she and her husband, Txikiteo chef David King, are raising their young son in the same way she was raised, steeped in the food culture, with the restaurant business a family affair.

As operations manager, Tifany does a little bit of everything. She is equally involved in the front- and back-of-house mechanics—if she’s not ordering produce or making deposits or other administrative tasks, she’s with guests, pouring wine, directing traffic, and generally making sure that things are running smoothly. 

With such a long history of exposure to excellent cuisine, you’d expect Tifany to be a great cook, too—but you’d be wrong. “I am not a chef,” she laughs. “Maybe because I’ve always been surrounded by amazing chefs, I’m easily disappointed by my own food!” That’s ok; the depth and breadth of experience and passion she brings to Txikiteo’s day-to-day running can’t be replaced.

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