On February 6, Txikiteo begins its series of wine dinners with an evening of wine, food, and conversation built around wines from the Canary Islands. The Canaries are historically viewed as a bridge among the continents of Africa, North and South America, and Europe, and the wines reflect that status. Select wines from two producers will be served with food pairings. The conversation begins at 6 p.m. with a refreshing vermouth cocktail.

The most southerly region of Spain, this archipelago has a deep history of viticulture and wine-making rooted in its colonial past. “The Canary Islands say so much about wine,” says distributor Ryan McReynolds of Bent Frenchman. McReynolds will lead participants in an in-depth discussion of the region and the wines. “The diversity of culture, climate zones, soil types, and the viticulture history tell a story that can be related to wine regions throughout the world, and yet it maintains a personality completely its own. The wines are as unforgettable as the place.”

From Envinate, Txikiteo will pour the blanco and tinto of the Benje label, as well as the blanco and tinto of the Taganan line.

The Taganan wines will be the crown jewel of the night, single vineyard wines that are not sold in this market and are highly coveted.

From Dolores Cabrera Fernandez, participants will drink the La Araucaria tinto and rosado. These wines are terroir-driven and aromatic, expressing the mineral-dense character that results from the islands’ highly volcanic soil.

Both producers represent the profile that Txikiteo has hitched its wine wagon to: organic and/or farmer-driven, with a high standard of quality with which they tend the vines and the land—the very opposite of a mass-production, commodity-based corporate approach.

“These wines are made with care and every time I try them, there are more layers to them,” says Stuart Mitton, Txikiteo’s beverage manager.

And they don’t make very much of it. Txikiteo’s event will be a rare opportunity for American wine drinkers to try these hard-to-get labels—but far from being precious or exclusive, the event’s aim is a dinner-with-friends vibe, where people will learn a little and enjoy a delicious taste from a unique part of the wine world. ⧫



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