It doesn’t do to be anti-Valentine’s Day—who’s against love, after all? Instead, we’ll talk about what Valentine’s Day could be when you break it out of the heart-shaped box it’s been crammed into—that is, when you expand your idea of a celebration of love beyond you, your partner, and the overworked staff at the local Chez Couples Only.

What does that look like? It looks like Txikiteo: expanded, easy, and delicious, with specialty boards, select wines, and featured dishes for the entire weekend (why limit love to just one day?). Think you, your bestie, a dessert board, and a bottle of bubbly; or one of our signature charcuterie boards, plus some yummy variation on bon bons, shared with your book club, or your roommate, or your roommate’s book club; on V-day itself, maybe it’s you and your love, her amuma (grandmother) and a dish of tender lamb, spitted and slow-roasted, served with saffron rice on the patio by our own Dan Ansotegui.

See how it goes? The crowd expands. Friends drop in and your table adds chairs; others grab a quick bite and move on. Tapas are shared and wine, stories and laughter flow fireside. It’s the farthest thing from a stuffy dinner for (only) two served by a long-suffering waiter in an atmosphere as unimaginative as it is expensive. It’s Valentine’s Day, with all the love and none of the limits.

Our regular menu will also be available, and this is a moveable feast—items can be ordered to go if you want to move the party off-site (we don’t know what you get up to when you leave here, but it’s ok with us). No reservations, no limits, no unfulfilled expectations—just drop by and see what Fate has in store.

For those whose hearts are open. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Hours for celebrating :

With special menu & patio cooking:
Thursday and Friday: 6:00pm until 9:00pm.

Boards, Bottles, & Bonus on Saturday.

Choose from charcuterie, cheese, or a combo board, pick a bottle of wine, red, white, or sparkling, and get a bonus desert! Come in from 6:00pm - 9:00pm tonight and hit us up!

Regular Hours:
Feb 14 : 7am - 10pm
Feb 15 & 16 : 7am - 11pm

No reservations. RSVP Here for updates!
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